Record Company Looking For New Songwriters and Lyric-Writers

Malibu Beach Records has announced they are looking for new songwriter to write for their label.
"We prefer to discover new songwriters through their agents, rather than just have unknown songwriters contacting us", says Glenn Gould, of Malibu Beach Records.

"We work with most of the top agents in the music industry, such as Amanda Simmons and R.A. Duckworth. Amanda Simmons knows they type of material our artists need, which makes our job easier. And R.A. Duckworth has been providing talent to us, along with The Amanda Simmons Agency, since we've been in business".

"A songwriter does not have to have an agent in order to try out, it just streamlines the process for us".

Malibu Beach Records represents artists in the Pop, R&B, Country and Hip-Hop music markets.

The Amanda Simmons Music Marketing Agency works with and represents songwriters and lyric-writers internationally.

R.A. Duckworth represents writers and artists in the U.S. only.